Community Services
AAA Bay View Real Estate

Building Strong Communities

for a Better Tomorrow

We are different from traditional real estate firms because we offer innovative real estate housing solutions. We know the status quo is not acceptable. Our community-oriented approach features affordable housing assistance directed at mitigating the impact of the ever-rising real estate prices in San Francisco.

We believe property ownership can generate wealth and play a significant role in laying the foundations of strong and sustainable communities. We are San Francisco natives who genuinely care about our communities and strive to make the city affordable for people belonging to all financial backgrounds.

Housing is a human right.

What We Offer

We organize several programs and workshops to help prospective buyers and sellers make informed decisions that maximize their investment.

  • Financial workshops – We offer workshops to help people create a budget and plan.
  • Mortgage assistance – We offer assistance and information for new and existing home buyers and owners to keep their mortgages current.
  • Pro bono services – We offer some free services to those in our community to keep them in their home or to purchase a new home.
AAA Bay View Real Estate