Meet Our Founder

We are owned and operated by Diane Wesley Smith. Diane has almost 20 years of experience in real estate and affordable housing. She is a licensed real estate broker. She is also a member of the National, California and San Francisco Association of REALTORS®. This designation REALTOR® provides the resources of a full real estate legal team at her disposal.

Real estate consultations are freely provided to San Franciscans or future San Franciscans, on a pro-bono basis.

Our founder believes in giving something back to the community and thus started her own business to provide affordable housing solutions to aspiring homeowners.

We offer a "Pathway to Market Rate Homeownership in San Francisco". We will prepare you, advising you of the steps involved. From this workshop, which will be designed especially for you, you will become a "ready, willing and able buyer"!

We offer financial workshops to help prospective homeowners budget and prepare for their upcoming mortgage payments. These workshops also provide guidance to current homeowners in keeping their mortgages sustainable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support community development and growth by making San Francisco affordable for the working-class people. While the city has evolved into one of the most expensive real estate zones in the United States, we strive to create favorable conditions for the locals of San Francisco to be able to stay in their homes and continue to contribute to the economy.

However, if they are planning to leave, we can help them get a good sell price on their homes.

AAA Bay View Real Estate
AAA Bay View Real Estate

What Sets Us Apart

We are an LBE (Local Business Enterprise) certified by the City and County of San Francisco.

Here at AAA (Adept Actions Abound) Bayview Real Estate, we offer highly personalized services to ensure a rewarding and fulfilling purchasing/selling experience for our clients. As San Francisco natives, we have a sound geographical knowledge of the neighborhoods to match you with the right property that best suits your requirements.